a05 ateliér zahradní a krajinářské architektury


ateliér a05

a05 studio of landscape architecture and garden design

was established in 2005. The members are:


Ing. Martina Forejtová

Ing. Pavlína Malíková

Ing. Aleš Steiner


The studio is focused on design activities in the field of landscape architecture.
Completely process designs and projects of gardens, parks, public spaces, treesand landscapes. The standard is the development of project documentation in all phases of research through the study, documentation for zoning, building permits, detailed tender documentation and to the author and technical supervision.
Cooperation with architectural studios, engineers, artists and other professionals enables us to complete the processing of project documentation.

We are also able to provide installation company.

The aim of our work is to create quality public
and private space. We design both in the city and in the countryside, but always with the aim of creating a pleasant space.