a05 - garden and landscape architecture studio with a focus on design in the field of landscape architecture, design and full completion of gardens, parks, public spaces, trees and landscapes. We provide project documentation for all phases starting from surveys and studies, we provide land management, building permits and detailed tender documentation. We secure construction including supervision and work with architectural studios, engineering companies, sculptors and other related entities. Members: Martina Forejtova, Pavlina Malikova, Ales Steiner.

a05 ateliér zahradní a krajinářské architektury


Change in the studio


We would like to inform you, that after succesful eleven years of partnership is atelier a05 transforming into two independence subjects.


Land05 - Martina Forejtová - available at www.land05.czforejtova@land05.cz, +420 603 365 158.


Steiner a Malíková krajinářští architekti - Aleš Steiner and Pavlína Malíková available at steiner@steineramalikova.cz and malikova@steineramalikova.cz, tel: +420 777 818 310, +420 777 078 557. Websites preparing for you www.steineramalikova.cz.



From the study to realization it took five years. The new park in Prague 9 - Balabenka is in the world. What will be the first season?

Another alley in countryside completed


These days were completed work associated with the planting of several other alleys in the country, supported by the OPE. This time we could propose also multiple paths of the surface of the gravel lawn. Alley at this picture is in the village of Velky Újezd u Chorušic.

yet small bulbs into lawns


and revitalization of the park U vršovického nádraží will be completed


Průhonice garden


Garden for Dutch clients. Strict orthogonal concept with central grassy area and plantations along its perimeter, which is dominated by blocks of hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens'Annabelle') and ornamental grasses. The color scheme of the garden brings bands of perennials, movement brings here the water feature, which is part of the wooden terraces adjoining the living room of the house.

The terraces are separated from the lawn by edges of mixed beds (Gaura lindheimeri, Geranium'Patricia', Stipa teniussima, Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron', Penstemon digitalis'Husker Red', Agapanthus 'Summer Sky' and more ...).



more about the house

Is nearing completion ...


revitalization of meadows and playground by the river in Thomayerovy sady Park in Prague 8 - Liben



new alleys in Lužec nad Vltavou


At the end of last autumn were planted four new alleys in the village Lužec nad Vltavou with the assistance of a grant OPE. We designed avenue of plum, linden, oak and cherry. A total of 345 trees were planted.



Hydroseeding in the park Košinka


Hydroseeding was last week applied at the southern slope of the park Kosinka in Prague 8 - Liben.
Again, in cooperation with Agrostis Lawns, Ltd. we have designed a mixture called Panonie with admixtures daisy and poppy. Panonie is a mixture containing 41 plant species and its composition is the result of years of research to support species diversity on a drying-places.
Next year will be even reconstruction lawn in the upper part of the slope and with voltage, we expect the first flowers.

1st place in the competition review Most Beautiful Garden 2014 in Litoměřice


The expert jury awarded our exhibition called Snapshot of the Bohemian Uplands first place.

The competition was held under the Fair Garden of Bohemia Litomerice.


 ... the flowering meadows rises from the earth through dark color volcanic basalt hills. path will bring you into the center of the place of the golden bowl of honey, which is a gift of land flowing with milk and honey. Stop by and relax in this region under the canopy of wicker ...



PASK Klatovy


Last year we were invited to design the garden of a glass pavilion in Klatovy (PASK), that is being completed at these days.
The pavilion was built in the 60s of the 20th century in Action "Z" for the exhibitions of Klatovy carnations. Now will host a unique collection of Šumava glassworks Loetz.

Carnations and their reminiscence will be however flowering in a garden even now, in the islands of ornamental grasses, which will make the stay in the garden more pleasant, as well as airy garden furniture and in future shade of the trees.

Author of reconstruction of the pavilion: Atelier 25

Czech meadow


Poppies completely dominated the time the operating area STK in Pribram. In cooperation with Agrostis Co. we like to propose Czech mixture of meadows and extensive lawns. Their advantage is the high ecological value, stability and low maintenance costs (much lower than conventional lawns). We have tested many mixtures for various places.

Landscape festival Praha 2014 na Žižkovském nádraží


We invite you to the launch of Landcsape Festival Praha 2014 on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 from 18 pm at Nakladove nadrazi Žižkov. The station comes alive during the summer of installations, exhibitions, lectures and concerts...stop by, we will participate as well...



Sowing an annual meadow in Ctenice Vol. 2


Successful project annual meadows in Ctěnice near Prague continues this year. New mixes, extended areas, the same group of enthusiasts headed by Ondřej Fous. Visit the Ctěnice Chateau Garden Centre and the adjacent alley! Photo by René Ondroušková.



Revitalization of Cuban Square in Prague


Traditional cooperation with architects from Projectil studio - this time in invited competition for the revitalization of the Cuban Square in Prague 10. Event was organized with the involvement of the public. Results of the competition or even other purpose of the Town Hall is not yet known.



Cup in Prague


The traditional international hockey tournament architects from Prague, Brno and Bratislava this year was in Brno Luzanky. After a four-year domination of Bratislava team returns Cup hockey Modulor back to Prague. Prize for the winner been taken up Roman Brychta. Our studio was in the winning team represented the position of an offensive defense:).



...some of our gardens nicely fade in coloration ...

Study Comenius Square in Prague


In the middle of last year we were together with Projektil architects participated in invited competition Prague 3 - Comenius Square in the Zizkov district. After a long decision-making procedure, incl. public participation, we already know official results. We placed in the second position. Excellent experience, another great teamwork, thanks to Projektil!

PF 2014


Happy NEW YEAR 2014!

visuin in a05


Very inspiring visit Petra and Dalibor from VISUIN in our studio. Let yourself also inspire www.visuin.com

little backyard in Litomysl


After an amazing partnership with an investor and architects from the studio Molo came alive little backyard behind sensitively renovated house near the square. 



Friendship Park in Transeuropa Festival


Fixie, bikes and other stuff gathered together Oct. 6, 2013 in Friendship Park, what was one of the stops of the thematic architecture cycling trip for the Transeuropa Festival. The trip was commented by Cyril Říha, Ondřej Beneš, Štěpán Špoula a Jiří Sádlo, in Friendship Park we added some phrases too. Pleasant events, we look forward to continuing!

4th addition to the family of extensive urban beds


The fourth bed with the higher degree of self-regulation and extensive maintenance verified in urban conditions, this time in the Friendship park, Prague-Prosek. Species composition is based on the successful mixture of workshops Adam Baroš. He succeeds American prairie to Prosek steppe?

Sowing in an annual plant mixture Grandstand MEADOW IN Ctenice - we were there


In the evening of the 21st May we participated in a unique event, hosted by well-known gardener Ondřej Fous. We have founded annual plant meadow - sown was the same mixture, which last year dazzled visitors to the Olympic Park in London.  The meadow in Ctěnice will be in full bloom in July.



completion of the revitalization of the courtyard U Svobodárny


At the end of the year 2012 was completed revitalization of Courtyard U Svobodárny in Praha 9 - Libeň 



First and 3rd place in a national competition Park and Garden 2012


Our studio won 3rd place in the category Garden of the Year - Počaply garden near Beroun and the first place in the category Park of the Year - Vnitroblok Za Žižkovskou vozovnou in Prague 3.


Vnitroblok Za Žižkovskou vozovnou

Zahrada Počaply



Victory in the contest


Together with the architect studio Projectil architekti we won public urban - architectural competition "North Terrace Hradec Kralove"



Finishing planting at Residence Alfa


These days the finishing and the last planting of a new residential complex Residence Alfa, Praha 3


New office


We moved to a new address on 1.1.2012