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Courtyard U Svobodárny

spring 2013
spring 2013
summer 2013
shortly after the establishment - autumn 2012
community planning 2010, photo: Agora CE
original state

Courtyard U Svobodárny

location: Praha 9 - Libeň

client: City District Prague 9


Ing. Jitka Tomsová 

MgA. Vojtěch Bilišič, MgA. Václav Horecký - pergola

Filip Matějíček - info sign

contractor: Hortus správa zeleně s.r.o.

project: 2011 - 2012

realization: 8/2012 - 11/2012


Community planning to improve the state of neglect courtyard, which offers residents plenty of amenities for a pleasant stay. The concept of recovery is trying to take into account all ages and among other things, to promote community life.

The first impulse was working meetings of residents of courtyard during 2011 mediated by Agora CE-nonprofit organization and investor (Prague 9). At these meetings the residents defined what they wanted in the courtyard, and how they would like to use it.

Therefore there are created places to rest – benches and to the joint meeting under a pergola, to games for children and adults, as well as premises for practical functions, such as for drying clothes, walking the dogs in the dog run completed with several instructional elements (agility) etc .

Whether there will further develop community life, will depend only on the local people ...

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