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Beroun garden

original state

Beroun garden

location: Beroun

client: private 

contractor: Landart

project: 2013

realization 2013

Very steep garden can be overlooked from the windows of the house and terrace and so it is almost entirely exposed.

Along the longer sides are organically shaped flower beds which give the crease to the rectangular shaped of this garden.

Also, the choice of the dominant plant - ornamental grass dochan (Pennisetum sp.) gives the garden dynamic and moving feel.

The slope is divided by three stone walls, tall just so that you could sit on them.

The monthly strawberries, spawning throughout the summer, are here along the way as a “reward” for anyone who decides to climb up a steep slope of the garden.

The garden is now, a year after the founding almost zero maintenance, lawn mowing small grassy areas doesn’t take too much time.

The garden is now a year after the founding almost zero maintenance, mowing of the small area of the lawn does not take too much time.


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